Want to learn how to create music? Encore Music Services is now offering music composition classes to take your musical training a step further. While learning to compose music, you will learn the rules of theory – but the fun part of it is, you will get to learn how to break theoretical rules well. Ask yourself this, “Do I want to be a part of the music industry and be a part of tomorrow’s history?” You can definitely do this with music composition classes at Encore Music Services!

Your instructor, who has been composing for a little over 13 years, has extensive experience and has scored for several films in the past 6-8 years. He has the resources and skills to make you excel at the art of music composition. He will support your artistic vision and challenge you to expand on your music understanding. He will explain how empowering this art form is and will guide you with his expertise.

Course Curriculum will include:
- fun exercises to keep students engaged
- developing musical themes
- modern composition techniques (linear and non-linear approaches)
- music theory
- music improvisation
- performance, musicianship and creative development
- exposure to other musicians work from an array of genres
- feedback on their compositions and;
- much more!

Important information:
- Duration: 16 weeks starting November 2, 2018 (ending March 1, 2019) on Friday’s from 5-7pm
- Cost: Please contact for more information. **prices are competitive and affordable**
- Location: 8920 Highway 50, Unit #4, Brampton, ON - Encore Music Services
- Age Group: 16 to 25 years of age
- Format: Group Class
- Group Size: up to 4 students

Please contact Jordan via email at jordan@encoremusicservices.ca for more information.

Music Composition

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